How can I receive the Blessings of True Love?


What is True Love?

True love is living for the sake of others. It is not selfish, but altruistic. It is more than a feeling. It is active, not passive. True love is lasting because it is a giving force. True love exists between a subject partner and an object partner which live for each other's sake.

The Purpose of Life

The purpose of life is to attain true happiness. This can only be achieved through true love. True love is everlasting. When you are in love, you never want love to break. False love is temporary and can result in pain, frustration, and remorse.

The Path to True Love

The path of true love is to grow in heart by proper preparation and keeping oneself pure. Family Federation recommends practicing the Pure Love Pledge as a way to prepare to find true and everlasting love. This is the way to grow your heart and find true happiness.


Because we respect you as a friend and a fellow human being, we want you to know that we believe you will receive Blessings of True Love if you practice the Pure Love Pledge. We recommend you recite it daily.

The Pure Love Pledge

The pure relationship of love between a man and woman is a sacred gift to be cherished and honoured for the sake of building a true family, healthy society, and a world of peace for future generations. Once that love is consummated, it should never be broken. Therefore, from this day forward, I commit myself to: RESPECT and honour the ideal of purity in myself and others. LEARN how to practice pure love as a child, friend, spouse, and parent. REFRAIN from all sexual relationships before marriage. DEDICATE myself to absolute fidelity within marriage, and ENCOURAGE others to do the same.

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